A few word about us................

            Mastermind school is an English medium school providing education to students from playgroup to grade 12, leading to GCE O-level and A-level examinations held under the University of London external system and the Edexcel examination board.  With class offerings, we expose students to a well-rounded education that helps build and develop their critical skills. Our head office is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh with two additional branches serving our community in Dhanmondi and Uttra.

Mastermind was founded by late Mr. S. Hossain, Mr. M. Majid and Mr. S. F Ahmed, who is also the school's honorable principle.  Over the years, Mastermind has gradually grown in size and importance.  We have earned a reputation that strives above and beyond in being a prestigious school in Bangladesh.

Our mission is to provide a fully enhanced learning experience, fortified with strong academic and student development programs.  These programs are designed to bring students to their highest potential and prepare them to meet the challenges of the new century with informed minds and understanding hearts.  Our school environment provides a supportive community comprised of students and faculty who want to see you succeed and become a person who is ready and able to make a difference in life.

Mastermind takes pride in the bar it has set in education.  We offer the highest quality and standards in education for our students.  We are committed towards excellence and receiving overall achievement of excellence from our students.  Students shall shine and excel from what Mastermind has to offer.  The efforts of our faculty, staff, and class programs will propel students towards excellence and self-actualization.

Our continued efforts collaborate with our state of the art lab facilities and library to help our students gain access, to tools that are required for shaping and molding the minds of our future.  We particularly take pride in our Chemistry and Physics Lab Department.

This effort of preparing students towards excellence  cannot be possible without the efforts of our diligent, hard-working and distinguished teachers and education providers.  We employ and hire our faculty and staff members with the highest utmost standards which provide our students with a skilled and knowledgeable hand in guiding them to a path of success.

We are extremely proud of the academic success and achievements our students have displayed throughout the impressive history of the Mastermind School.  Our students have achieved recognition on a global level with World Record scores in different areas of academia.  We have prepared students towards continued education to world-renowned Ivy League education institutions such as Harvard University, Yale University, York University of Canada, the London School of Economics, and the University of Cambridge.

Students also enjoy extra curricular activities that Mastermind School has to offer.  We offer various athletic and sport activity clubs that help our students stay active and healthy. Our Mastermind Debating Society (MMDS) club has earned distinguishing honorary recognition as one of the highest ranked debate club of Bangladesh and earning top-level international consideration at events. Students are involved in extra curricular humanitarian efforts to positively help their communities through community service.  This service provides students to personally develop and attributes towards characteristics of integrity, nobility, and respect.  Students are then more aware of their own environment and the world.  This encourages them to open their mind and senses where they are more susceptible to learn and experience the world in the bright future that Mastermind will provide.

To honor the students and their academic achievements Mastermind School formally hosts an elaborate graduation ceremony for it's 0'Level and A'Level graduates.  In addition, the school also sponsors and celebrates the Bengali New Year (Pohela Boishakh Mela) annually for our students, families, faculty, staff, and community in order to pay tribute to our values and the importance of culture.